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Welcome To bolton web team

A brief overview into our journey so far...
Our journey begins back in 1999 where founder Steven Goodram began thinking of ways to improve the online presence of a local furniture store. Seeing the success quickly arrive from his development of the website, Steven made the move to the Hotel industry where he began working on a number of websites for small and medium sized businesses

Recognising his talents within website development, Steven decided to set up his own company and thus formed the Bolton Web Team.

With specialists in hosting making up the Bolton Web Team, the IT experts have been involved in developing over 1,000 websites

But for us, it’s not just about the numbers. We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible to each of our clients – tailoring our business to suit your needs. Your concern is our concern!.

Remember you’re not like everyone else -- so why should you sound and look the same as everyone else? Stand out with a fabulous designed or redeisgned website that shows off who you really are.

Keeps your website looking new, and up-to-date with our professional team. Be sure your website is working for you. even if you just need a simple website design for your small business.


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