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micro sites


The microsite is an effective marketing tool that can be used for a vast number of purposes.

What's a microsite?
Technically, a microsite is a website - albeit a small one. It usually consists of just a few pages - sometimes only one. They are often used in conjunction with another website. Other terms for microsite include minisite, weblet and even landing page.

If you think about how people look for information on the web, microsites can play a key role in helping them find what they are looking for. By focusing an idea or product and then limiting the amount of information to one or a few pages, the microsite creates an easy-to-scan resource providing an uncluttered path to the information they are looking for.

Some of the benefits of microsites:

Microsites can easily help brand a product or service in a way that is unique from the main brand while introducing it to a new audience.

Provides a Clear Path
A laser focus on an idea or product makes the microsite the perfect online tool for leading people to a call to action. Without the distractions of a bunch of other products, your customer can be better able to filter what they need to do more quickly.

SEO Benefits
Since each microsite is a unique website, it has it's own unique URL. This can be used to make it easy for people looking for a particular product or service by selecting an address that people can easily remember. This feature also helps in SEO as the search engine algorithm will likely add ranking importance to the contents of the URL.

Fast Deployment
Microsites can be deployed quickly making them perfect for events with a short lifetime on the web. Seasonal promotions are another terrific application of microsites.

Email Campaign Integration
Leverage your email campaigns by adding a microsite into the mix. This allows you to track conversions like crazy. And allows you to determine effectiveness to a higher degree.

Audience Grabber
Most people will look at the home page of a site and then leave before digging in. With more homepages (from more microsites), you have more opportunities to grab your audience.

Increased Online Footprint
When combined with a network of other microsites, your company's online footprint is increased. This leads to higher search rankings and more successful organic search marketing results.

Experimental Dream
Try different campaign messages by deploying unique microsites - takes A/B marketing to a whole new level. What better way to gauge a market than trying several messages to see what resonates?


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